A Stimulus Rhyme

There once were five hundred on Capitol Hill

Who tried to agree on a stimulus bill;

From No Child Left Behind to the army to WIC,

Everyone had a bone to pick.



Making decisions with no outcome model,

And the President saying they’d better not dawdle,

Each stuck to his theories and crystal ball reasoning,

Some politics added for media seasoning.



Didn’t matter a whit which side you were on,

At the end of the day, your money was gone.

The intentions were good, I can’t argue there;

Now they’re paving the road to you know where.




Published by kristalynn

I am Krista Tibbs, the author of ""Uncertainty Principles", "The Neurology of Angels" and "Reflections and Tails". My heart smiles at informed opinions, belief in human potential, advances in neurology, True North, clever ideas, and kittens.

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