Animal Stories: About Sheep

I am excited to be working with an artist on an illustrated e-book of animal stories for grown-ups, to be released early this summer. Stay tuned for the title and the book cover, but in the meantime, the series of posts to follow will feature animal-related music and videos that hint, however obliquely, at the contents of the book.

So, today, we start with sheep. Because sheep are both serious and silly and have a centuries long relationship with people, I give you classical music paired with stunts by sheep and shepherds. Enjoy.


March of the Sheep by David Rozsa, an orchestral allegro. (Photo by Kázsmér Zsuzsanna)


Surfing Sheep


Extreme Sheep Herding


Now that I think of it, the sheep segment in the book will have nothing to do with surfing or marching and refers very little to shepherds either. So this wasn’t much of a hint at all.



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