Animal Stories: Dads and Dude Ranches

This third set of video hints about the upcoming e-book (title to be revealed in the next post) is about horses. Or rather, it is about a particular human experience with horses, namely the dude ranch. The first 25-second video shows the ranch that my family visited when I was in high school, and it pretty much sets the tone. The video below that is a scene from Return to Snowy River, which is both riveting and relevant to the story (except the part where he gets shot).  

Today’s music is by a group named The Dad Horse Experience. I don’t understand the music or the video or most of the words that the man is singing, but I find it weirdly compelling.

Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

Return to Snowy River

Music by The Dad Horse Experience (Find out more about this one-man band here and here.)


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