Animal Stories: Book Cover Revealed and Wolves

As promised, today we reveal the book cover!


Of course today’s music and video hints are all about wolves. The secret is out; they have many sides. So, starting with the fairy tales we know by heart, I take you back to the big, bad wolf of childhood then to the fine line between the evil wolf of generations past and the pet you can trust with your baby. Every wolf was a baby once, too, who had to be taught how to howl. Watch the video of the Wolfman and the pup’s first lesson. Lastly, the music today is by The Voice by Celtic Woman Lisa Kelly . 
 Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?


The Trusted Pet

Learning to Howl

Wolf Song by Celtic Woman Lisa Kelly

Click here for lyrics and more by Celtic Woman


When can I get this fabulous book of stories and art, you ask? The e-book release date is the end of May for all outlets, possibly sooner for Amazon.



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