Thinking Independently and Colorful Liquids

Florida Citrus Commission, 1951    artist Pete Hawley
Florida Citrus Commission, 1951 artist Pete Hawley
It occurs to me on  occasion that most of the obstacles, judgments, frustrations, disappointments, and embarrassments in my life could have been avoided if I had only drunk the kool-aid of the moment. However, then I realize that everything meaningful I have ever done was a result of not drinking the kool-aid.
This thought is, of course, no reflection on Kraft Kool-Aid®, which is a rainbow-flavored beverage enjoyed by millions since 1927, as chronicled in this  History of Kool-Aid at The Hastings Museum in Nebraska.


Speaking of history, the phrase “drinking the kool-aid” has a rather dark origin .



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I am Krista Tibbs, the author of ""Uncertainty Principles", "The Neurology of Angels" and "Reflections and Tails". My heart smiles at informed opinions, belief in human potential, advances in neurology, True North, clever ideas, and kittens.

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