100% Donation through the end of 2020

This past weekend should have been our annual Washington Presbyterian Church Apple Festival. It had been ongoing for over 40 years and last year the little community raised well over $30,000 for organizations that support needy people in mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, our festival, like so many others, didn’t happen this year because ofContinue reading “100% Donation through the end of 2020”

StoryInside.org at the Kingston Country Fair

On Saturday, October 5th I will be at the StoryInside.org* booth at the Kingston Country Fair. So, if you’re in east Tennessee, swing by and say hello! I’m told there is a pie-eating contest and live music. What more could you want from a Saturday?   Kingston Country Fair Fort Southwest Point 1226 S. Kentucky StreetContinue reading “StoryInside.org at the Kingston Country Fair”

First Chapters Interview: K.S. Brooks

(This post is part of the First Chapters interview series.) Q: Pick two celebrities to be your parents. K.S. Brooks: “Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) and Tom Berenger (The Sniper) – NO ONE would have picked on me in school!” 😀 If anyone knew the caliber of butt-kickings that could be dreamed up in that brain,Continue reading “First Chapters Interview: K.S. Brooks”

First Chapters Interview: Melissa Bowersock

(This post is part of the First Chapters interview series.) Q: What do you think about when you’re alone in your car? Melissa: “I have a totally separate ‘car brain’ that thinks about different things than I do at other times. I get in my car to go to my day job and during theContinue reading “First Chapters Interview: Melissa Bowersock”