Kindle Giveaway of “Reflections and Tails”

Dear Human Readers, Reflections and Tails is free for Kindle during March 26-30. Download your copy from Amazon,  then tell your friends. And order me some treats while you’re on there. Sincerely, Teddy   Dear Human Readers, You don’t have to do what Teddy says. She’s not the boss of us. Sincerely, Spunk    Continue reading “Kindle Giveaway of “Reflections and Tails””

Saviors of the Orderly

  Mild-mannered kittens by day and relentless superheroes by night, we are Chaos and Entropy (a.k.a. Spunk and Teddy), fighting tidiness wherever we find it.         Before our Mama Kitty left his world, she told us that in order to survive, we must submit to our keepers, but we must never forget thatContinue reading “Saviors of the Orderly”