Kindle Giveaway of “Reflections and Tails”

Dear Human Readers, Reflections and Tails is free for Kindle during March 26-30. Download your copy from Amazon,  then tell your friends. And order me some treats while you’re on there. Sincerely, Teddy   Dear Human Readers, You don’t have to do what Teddy says. She’s not the boss of us. Sincerely, Spunk    Continue reading “Kindle Giveaway of “Reflections and Tails”” at the Kingston Country Fair

On Saturday, October 5th I will be at the* booth at the Kingston Country Fair. So, if you’re in east Tennessee, swing by and say hello! I’m told there is a pie-eating contest and live music. What more could you want from a Saturday?   Kingston Country Fair Fort Southwest Point 1226 S. Kentucky StreetContinue reading “ at the Kingston Country Fair”

First Chapters Interview: K.S. Brooks

(This post is part of the First Chapters interview series.) Q: Pick two celebrities to be your parents. K.S. Brooks: “Diana Rigg (Emma Peel) and Tom Berenger (The Sniper) – NO ONE would have picked on me in school!” 😀 If anyone knew the caliber of butt-kickings that could be dreamed up in that brain,Continue reading “First Chapters Interview: K.S. Brooks”