I Don’t Like Chocolate

I often wonder what chocolate tastes like to other people, because so many are so over the moon about it. My boss has a bowl of chocolate on his desk for public consumption, and people are constantly stopping by. Even if we’re in the office having a meeting, they’ll open the door and duck andContinue reading “I Don’t Like Chocolate”

Premonitions and Global Consciousness

  I don’t know what to say about Nostradamus or the Farmer’s Almanac, but I think there is too much evidence to dismiss that some people – maybe all people – have some consciousness of events that are likely to happen. It’s really not that much of a stretch to believe. Economists and meteorologists and otherContinue reading “Premonitions and Global Consciousness”

The Wisdom of Children and the Circus

I was in the process of writing a post about escalating frustration when I received a call from my 4-year-old niece, Keara, who invited me and Grammy and Grampy to the circus. As usual, she put a new spin on my thoughts.    Here is a bit of Keara wisdom: (1) It’s okay to pet elephants,Continue reading “The Wisdom of Children and the Circus”

The Secrets of Sniffing

On the way up to my apartment this evening, a little tan cocker spaniel came barrelling and jingling down the staircase to sniff me all over. There was that minute of suspense when I wondered whether he would like what he smelled or bite my finger off. Fortunately it was the former, and he slobberedContinue reading “The Secrets of Sniffing”

A Stimulus Rhyme

There once were five hundred on Capitol Hill Who tried to agree on a stimulus bill; From No Child Left Behind to the army to WIC, Everyone had a bone to pick.     Making decisions with no outcome model, And the President saying they’d better not dawdle, Each stuck to his theories and crystalContinue reading “A Stimulus Rhyme”

Allowed to Fail

My personal history in school sports is varied and riddled with embarassing moments, from Farm League baseball to high school tennis and everything in between (including ballet, which I have mostly blocked from memory.) So, for a different perspective on the last couple of days’ posts, I thought I’d share examples of the kindness ofContinue reading “Allowed to Fail”

You Don’t Have to Finish It

My 9th grade English teacher, Mr. Reed, once told us as he handed out the year’s suggested reading list that we shouldn’t feel we had to a finish a book just because we started it. There are too many books in the world to waste your time. Now, that’s a paraphrase; I’m sure he wasContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Finish It”