Animal Stories: Moose plus Music Soundtrack

The fifth and final installment of the video and music preview series for Reflections and Tails was supposed to be about moose. However, it was surprisingly difficult to find moose videos that appropriately captured their essence in the story, and the genre of moose music is meager at best. So, I decided instead I wouldContinue reading “Animal Stories: Moose plus Music Soundtrack”

Animal Stories: Book Cover Revealed and Wolves

As promised, today we reveal the book cover!   Of course today’s music and video hints are all about wolves. The secret is out; they have many sides. So, starting with the fairy tales we know by heart, I take you back to the big, bad wolf of childhood then to the fine line between theContinue reading “Animal Stories: Book Cover Revealed and Wolves”

Animal Stories: Dads and Dude Ranches

This third set of video hints about the upcoming e-book (title to be revealed in the next post) is about horses. Or rather, it is about a particular human experience with horses, namely the dude ranch. The first 25-second video shows the ranch that my family visited when I was in high school, and itContinue reading “Animal Stories: Dads and Dude Ranches”

Animal Stories: About Vampires?

Post #2 in the video/music hint series is about vampires. Well, vampire bats, anyway. They are cute, they are delicate, they are misunderstood. Just watch the first video of a bat grooming his ears like a cat and feel the “awwww” well up inside you. If that doesn’t do it for you, watch the secondContinue reading “Animal Stories: About Vampires?”

Animal Stories: About Sheep

I am excited to be working with an artist on an illustrated e-book of animal stories for grown-ups, to be released early this summer. Stay tuned for the title and the book cover, but in the meantime, the series of posts to follow will feature animal-related music and videos that hint, however obliquely, at theContinue reading “Animal Stories: About Sheep”

The World by a 6-year-old

 I started this blog with my niece, Keara, in mind, and have used it as a place to work out some of my thoughts and observations about the world. Today I’d like to share some of Keara’s thoughts and observations, through a collection of her poems — spelling intact. POEMS ONLY by Keara Kids KidsContinue reading “The World by a 6-year-old”

Saviors of the Orderly

  Mild-mannered kittens by day and relentless superheroes by night, we are Chaos and Entropy (a.k.a. Spunk and Teddy), fighting tidiness wherever we find it.         Before our Mama Kitty left his world, she told us that in order to survive, we must submit to our keepers, but we must never forget thatContinue reading “Saviors of the Orderly”