Crazy cat ladies and mad cows

Over the summer, I celebrated my birthday with a single cupcake and a can of tuna for my two cats. Shortly thereafter I read an article about how crazy cat ladies have a higher risk of suicide. After wondering if my tax dollars paid for that study, I became slightly alarmed. Does a person knowContinue reading “Crazy cat ladies and mad cows”

Sad Things I Wish I Never Knew

I encountered a concept today that I can’t get out of my mind — children’s hospice. I know that hospice exists; I’ve seen someone go. I know that children get sick; I wrote a book about it. Yet, in my mind, those two saddest thoughts never met until today, when I ran across a websiteContinue reading “Sad Things I Wish I Never Knew”

The Beauty of Bridges

I don’t love heights, but I love bridges. To me, the middle of a bridge is the most beautiful spot in the world, literally and figuratively. Because bridges aren’t just for getting from one place to the next; they provide a vantage point to see both where you were and where you are going —Continue reading “The Beauty of Bridges”

Premonitions and Global Consciousness

  I don’t know what to say about Nostradamus or the Farmer’s Almanac, but I think there is too much evidence to dismiss that some people – maybe all people – have some consciousness of events that are likely to happen. It’s really not that much of a stretch to believe. Economists and meteorologists and otherContinue reading “Premonitions and Global Consciousness”

The Secrets of Sniffing

On the way up to my apartment this evening, a little tan cocker spaniel came barrelling and jingling down the staircase to sniff me all over. There was that minute of suspense when I wondered whether he would like what he smelled or bite my finger off. Fortunately it was the former, and he slobberedContinue reading “The Secrets of Sniffing”